Thursday, October 29, 2009

A trip to the Botanic Gardens

Today the whole Primary 6 level in my school went to the
Botanic Gardens for a picnic. While most of my friends
were more interested in the picnic, I was more interested
in the nature surrounding us. It started with two pigeons.
They flew over to the lake and started eating the vegetation.
Then two Lesser Whistling Ducks swam over. There is a
photo of one below.

Then the swans came, two at first, but later three others
joined in. Below are three photos I took of the swans.
A sea hibiscus fell near the water.
When we finished our picnic, we headed to the
Jacob Ballas Children's' Garden.
There is so much to do there!
Below is a photo I took of a flower there. I'm not
sure what type it is, though.
Here's a Violet water lily...
...And a male Olive-backed sunbird
If you happen to know what flower that was,
please comment.

Monday, October 26, 2009

What it's all about

This is my second post. I'll be posting nature as my
brother(Bluebottle)drags me into nature reserves.
I'll start by putting a few of my favourite pictures
I have taken. This is some sort of crab I took in
Bintan, Indonesia. The following pictures are also
taken there.
This is a Tawny Coster.

And this is a dragonfly, not sure which species
it is though.

If anyone happens to know exactly what species
they are, please comment. Please follow my blog!

My first blog

Hi world! This is my first blog! Enjoy!